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air filter, air purifier, ionic breeze
sanuvox, ionic breeze, healthmate, electrostatic, filter,

Residential Products

Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier P900GX

- Eradicates Bacteria, Viruses and Mold (Cuts down on cold sharing among family members)

- Destroys Chemical and Biological Odors (Perfumes, Smoke, Cooking, & Pet odors)

- High Efficiency UVC/V Air Purifier (More Light Purification "Bang" for your Money)

- Touch Pad LED Digital Control with Timer ! (Purification when you need it. Saves you money on energy costs)

- 7,3800 microwatts per/cm2 of UV intensity (Very Powerful Odor destroying, chemical eating lamp)



- Three Year Warranty on Parts and Lamp !! Un heard of in the industry. (Crazy Warranty)

- Only 11 lbs. No floor space? Hang it on a wall !

- Perfect for spot purification. (Kitchen, Bedroom, Laundry or Garage)

- Purify up to 900 square feet

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** This Portable was tested by McGill University and showed an 90% reduction in tuberculosis in the Sputum Induction Room at the Montreal Chest Institute.**