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Frequently Asked Questions
  What can I do to Control Allergens in my Home?
    There are several general tips that can be followed to help create an allergy free home. By controlling certain triggers, you can dramatically reduce your symptoms and suffering.
  What Air Purifier is Recommended?
    Use HEPA Room air purifiers to reduce allergens in the air. HEPA stands for (High Efficiency Particulate Air), which captures up to 99.97% of particles in the air up to 0.3 microns in size. A good air purifier using HEPA filtration will eliminate most of the respirable particles that can pass through our nasal passages, and into our lungs.
  What About Capeting?
    Remove wall-to-wall carpeting. Replace carpeting within the home with hardwood floors or tile. Use throw rugs which can be washed and treated for dust mites.
  What is the Optimal Humidity Level inside a House?
    Keep humidity below 50%. By maintaining humidity within your home below 50%, dust-mites and mold will have a difficult time reproducing or developing. Use a humidity gauge to monitor the humidity at all times.
  How Important is my Air Filter?
    Install high quality Furnace / Air Conditioning filters. Replace disposable inefficient filters with an efficient electrostatic filter to improve the filtering capabilities as air passes through your system.
  How Important is Vacuuming?
    Vacuum frequently and effectively. When carpets cannot be removed, use a HEPA or ULPA rated vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from spewing back into the air as you vacuum. Most vacuum cleaners are not efficient at containing dust in the bags, and can result in dirtier air as you clean. Micro lined vacuum bags should be used in all vacuums not rated as HEPA or ULPA Avoid using heavy curtains and draperies.
  Why are Curtains not Recommended?
    Avoid using heavy curtains and draperies. Mold, Dust mites, and bacteria, thrive in thick curtains. Always try to use light weight curtains or window shades that can easily be cleaned.
  Do I need to do Something About my Bedding?
    Encase all mattresses and pillows with mite proof material. Dust mites live in our mattresses, pillows and carpets. Their main food source is human skin flakes, so they are frequently found where we sleep. Dust mites and their fecal matter are known to increase asthma episodes and severe skin reactions.
  What are "Triggers and Asthma Management"?
    Most common causes of asthma reactions are viruses, bacteria, smoke, dust and dust-mites, mold, pollen pet dander, cold air, fumes and perfumes. Tests prove that most episodes are caused by dust mite allergens. Taking appropriate measure to filter the air in the home using HEPA filtration can go a long way at limiting asthma attacks.
  What can I do to Avoid Dust Mite?
    Use mite proof encasing on all bedding. A barrier must be maintained between your skin and the dust mite in your mattress. Dust mite encasements are the first step that should be taken to limit the food source of the mite, and minimize exposure to such allergens. There can be over a million dust mites in your mattresses and pillows at any given time. Breathe Easy encasements can be found by clicking on the Bedding icon.
  How Often do I have to Wash my Linens?
    Wash all linens frequently. It is imperative that all sheets and pillow cases be washed a minimum of once a week with Allergen Wash. By using an allergen wash, you can kill the dust mite in either cold or hot water.
  How do I clean my Rugs?
    Treat all carpets, throw rugs, and upholstery. If carpeting and upholstered furniture cannot be avoided, make sure to treat upholstery With a Dust Immobilizer and the carpets with mite control Powder . By using such products, you can neutralize dust and mite allergens. Remember not to steam clean, since it increases humidity and promotes the dust mite formation. 
  What should I do with my pet?
    TAKE ACTION AGAINST PET DANDER No pet in the bedroom. Don't allow pets to sleep in sufferers bedroom. Find a location within the house for them to sleep, and use a pet mattress or blanket that is washable. Use dander lotion frequently. Coat pets fur with allergen neutralizers, or dander lotion , that Will keep the dander to a minimum. Run a HEPA air filter. A good HEPA air purifier will remove the dander from the air, which is the cause of many symptoms



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