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air filter, air purifier, ionic breeze
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Clean air is hard to find.

Maintaining high quality air in our home and working environments has become the challenge of the 21st Century. Indoor air pollution, which has both natural and man-made origins, has gained a strong foothold in every corner of the industrial world. We see how dust from our natural environment and other man-made particulates continues to constitute a high percentage of our indoor airborne contaminants. 

In today's world, the pollution generated by man has a high degree of modern technology at its source. Many of these particulate and chemical contaminants (VOCs - Volatile Organic Compounds) have a petrochemical origin, and we are exposed to them on a daily basis. Material Safety Data Sheets, medical publications, and even product labels, all note that many reports have associated repeated and prolonged occupational overexposure to VOCs with permanent brain and nervous system damage as well as many serious lung disorders due to airborne particulates. Other symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, weakness and fatigue. It is the responsibility of industries to do their best to remove these toxic, hazardous, or just nuisance contaminants from the work place in order to provide for employee safety and comfort. 

electrocorp,carbon,air filter,air,odor control,hepa filter,carbon fiberMost VOCs are heavier than air and naturally concentrate in a room's lower air volume. The RSU Series equipment takes advantage of this natural condition. These units stand on the floor where the contaminated air is extracted through a deep carbon bed. This carbon bed performs a molecular filtration by removing the contaminants one molecule at a time. The clean air is then exhausted towards the ceiling and enlarges the volume of air that is the cleanest in your room or shop. This action causes the ceiling air to be forced downward. An air flow pattern has now been created from ceiling to floor which places a downward pressure of clean air on the VOCs, forcing them toward the floor where they are captured by the roll around RSU Series odor controllers. An added benefit from this ceiling to floor air flow pattern is that the RSUs cause a general equalization of the temperature in the workplace, which usually results in lowered heating costs.

RSU12-C, Odor Controller,carbon,air filter,air,odor control,hepa filter,carbon fiber
RSU12-C Data Sheet
 Variable CFM 250-500
RSU20-C, Odor Controller,carbon,air filter,air,odor control,hepa filter,carbon fiber
RSU20-C Data Sheet
 Variable CFM 500-1,000
RSU24-C, Odor Controller
RSU24-C Data Sheet
 Variable CFM 750-1,500
RSU48-C, Odor Controller,carbon,air filter,air,hepa filter,carbon fiber
RSU48-C Data Sheet
 Variable CFM 1,500-3,000

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