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air filter, air purifier, ionic breeze
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Air purifiers,NQ Clarifer,air filter

NQ Clarifier / Air Purifiers / Air filter

Ultraviolet Light

Air purifiers are not all alike. The NQ Clarifier with ultraviolet light is most unique because not only does it have a hospital grade hepa air filter, it utilizes technology such as ultraviolet light to destroy viruses and bacteria that make us sick. It also has a carbon blend air filter to remove odors and chemicals in the air. The NQ Clarifier is by far the most technologically advanced air purifiers available in the world today.

air purifiers,air filter,NQ clarifier

Any and all replacement parts for the NQ Clarifier, formerly known as the CARE 2000, should be purchased from an authorized factory dealer. Any parts purchased from a non authorized factory dealer (A1 Air Filters) would void any existing guarantees &/or warranties on your equipment. The factory does not solicit any customers for replacement parts.

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NQ Clarifier Medical Unit - Has two sets of UV lamps
(Highly Recommended for bird, pet breeders, and kennels.)

The NQ Clarifier’s unique and patented "Top-Flow" discharge directs the air current upward, providing maximum circulation of the clean, fresh air. The NQ Clarifier will provide safe, quiet and contaminant free air. Safety you can count on. Not only is your air thoroughly purified, but the NQ Clarifier lets you know when it’s overdue to replace an air filter or ultraviolet light. This safety backup system affords you the knowledge that your NQ Clarifier is always working at maximum efficiency.Air Purifiers, NQ Clarifier, Air Filter,Ultraviolet Light

Air Purifiers, NQ Clarifier, Air Filter,Ultraviolet Light

* Height- 14" L x 15" W x 28 H
* Purifies up to 1,500 sq. ft. (over 6 air changes per hour)
* Weight- 48 lbs.
* Replacement Parts: HEPA / Carbon Drum (up to 3 years)
* Pre-Post Filter (up to 12 months)
* Ultraviolet Bulbs (1 year)
*Colors: BLACK or WHITE

Air Purifiers, Air Filters, NQ Clarifier


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Air Purifiers, Air Filters, NQ Clarifier